The roots of Ache Group and Ache Engineering GmbH lay precisely in the mechanical engineering specialty with a proud traditional family business since 1923 in Leun, Germany.

Ernst-Günter Ache, graduate engineer, decided early to transfer the family business, a metalworking factory, more and more into an engineering office. In 1997, he founded Ache Engineering and transformed the company into a limited liability company in 2007. Since then, he has been chosen and officially sworn in by the German Courts as an official expert for photovoltaic system technology.

In the solar sector the company's main expertise electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, are combined in an extraordinary way. Today, Ache Engineering GmbH is a competent partner for planning and implementing efficient and autonomous PV systems.

The companys currently employs more than 10 specialists at the headquarters in Germany but also sends teams abroad. The knowledge of our highly experienced employees is based on more than 400 commissioned PV-Systems.

Reaching the maximum potential, efficiency and reliability of the photovoltaic systems are the declared goals of the company, for both renovated and newly built plants.

Ache Engineering GmbH accompanies large companies from the planning stage to completion, commissioning and maintenance of reliable solar PV systems.

You can see a variety of projects with more than 128 megawatts of power in our gallery at the end of this document.

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